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 About the Gamemaster / Storyteller

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PostSubject: About the Gamemaster / Storyteller   Tue Nov 19, 2013 6:57 pm

The Gamemaster/ Storyteller

1. Has the first and last word on anything that happens.

2. Promotes the story and in order to do so may take action that the players may not be happy with.

3. Does not wish you any harm. Your character on the other hand is fair game.

4. Decides whether your action succeeded or failed.

5. Has control over the characters' environment. Has control over all NPCs and events. He will always consider and encourage players' initiative and ideas as long as they move the scene/plot forward.

6. Has no control over characters' decisions and actions. May offer suggestions though.

7. May occasionally step out of character in order to best describe the situation, to give additional information or advice or if he requires rolls from the players.

8. May need to roll dice for the players.

9. May delete unnecessary rolls.
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About the Gamemaster / Storyteller
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