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 Posting Rules

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PostSubject: Posting Rules   Tue Nov 19, 2013 6:56 pm

General Posting Rules

1. Do not use chatspeak! Please !
for example:
omghi2uroflmaosrybrbgtgcul8rafkbb is NOT a phrase ! It's crap.

2. Language. You can curse, it's all right we're grownups here, your character can curse as much as he likes too but don't overdo it. Or at least,be creative with it. Oh and exchanging letters with asterisks is not encouraged either.
for example:
F*** this F***ing motherf***er is just plain stupid.
What kind of worm-infested shit-hole did you crawl out of ? is a lot classier Razz

3. Racial, sexual, religious bigotry and any kind of bigotry is NOT allowed. We can talk about such matters in civilized ways. Respect your fellows.

4. It's all right to get bloody. Graphic violence is allowed and encouraged when it's well-written and not overdone. Also, too descriptive sexual content has no place (even when it is in character). Close the shutters, play music and the scene has to end.

5. Use formatting and punctuation in your RP posts. Makes it easier to read.

for example:
Fred said we have to get out of this place and ran towards the door. (say what?)
"We have to get out of this place!", Fred said and ran towards the door. (much better!)

6. This Forum's language is English. If you really have to use another language (for RP reasons that is) please provide adequate translation.

7. The Moderators and Admins have the right to move, lock, delete and edit your posts/topics. They do so in order to keep the forum's structure clear and they provide their reason either in PM or in a post. There's no great secret plan to take over ze vorld.

8. There will be no spamming, no flaming, no trolling, no harrasment.

9. Quality is a must ! Please try to write to the best of your ability.
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Posting Rules
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